What’s New in NSClient++ 0.4.0#

So finally after a years of vapor ware we finally have what I consider to be the biggest release of NSClient++ ever! So what’s in it for me you ask?


Well the first noticeable change is that there is now build number in the version as well as versions. So you will not be downloading 0.4.0 you will be downloading 0.4.0.’‘‘172’‘’. Meaning this is the 172:th build with more to come. The builds to follow will be bug fixes. I am already working on a 0.4.1 (which will in the near future add support for NRDP, check_mk and NSCP) this version will be a “compatible version” which is aimed at “bigger bug-fixes” and additions. After this we will have 0.4.2 which will be the “next” version.

What’s new#

The main new feature of 0.4.0 is the “core” which has been replaced with a new modern one built on top of various standard libraries. In addition to this we also have a new command line syntax and a new improved setting subsystem. There is also a lot of new features and enchantments in various modules and check commands. I would say this is the biggest update of NSClient++ ever.


Many new protocols supported:

I am planning:


There is a brand new plugin/script API which has been extended to allow extensions in:


Brand new flexible settings sub systems which supports many new formats as well as generation and inclusion between formats.

Currently planned:

Random picks from change log#

Some other highlights from the change log: