NSClient++ Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial section. Here you will find information about how to use NSClient++ in various ways. Since NSClient++ is very versitile program the tutorial section is divided up into various thematic sections. So a quick hin on how to read this guide is probably in order.

  1. Start with the NSClient++ Core Tutorial section as it dictates how NSClient++ works and how to use it.
  2. Then follow up with the Monitoring solution you want to use.
  3. Finally the guide to running check will tell you how to monitori things.

If you find all this to much there is also the NSClient++ for the TODO tutorial. But beware when/if you run into issues it is probably a good idea to read through the above order to get your barings.

Core Tutorials:

Nagios Tutorials:

The nagios tutorials will tell you how to use NSClient++ in conjunction with Nagios. This will assume you already know the basics about NSClient++ so please read the NSClient++ Core Tutorial tutorial first.

Check Tutorials:

This section containes tutorials for checking various things with NSClient++. Please note that there is also a series of HOWTO documents if you are lookking for monitoring a specifi thing.

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