What’s New in NSClient++ 0.4.4

Author:Michael Medin


The main goals of the 0.4.4 was to get the new installer out.

  • New installer

PLEASE NOTE NRPE has been changed (from 0.4.3), for details read below.

Improved installer

A reworked installer with support for monitoring tools have been added. Currently only op5 is supported but the plan is t support other tools as well. The installer also has a much improved command line interface as well as a lot of bug fixes. We also sign the installer to make it easier to install.

NRPE enhancements (0.4.3)

If you are using NRPE you are in for a chock!

In 0.4.3 we will no longer support the rather insecure regular NRPE!
You can still enable support but you have to do so (in the installer or using the command line mode).
So keep a heads up when you run the installer so you wont miss it.

The idea is that when NSClient++ ships a new check_nrpe will be provided which wont have the limitations of the old one.


MSI installer:
  • Fixed installer upgrade issue when upgrading from build revisions #164
  • Set missing conf_can_change property
  • removed unused property
  • Added CA for managing MONITORING_TOOL to allow setting all properties from command line using a MONITORING_TOOL=op5 options
  • Added signing of exe/msi
  • cleaned up the installer and fixed lots of bugs and issues with silent install as well as options and such
  • Fixed migrating over the same store wont update it
  • Fixed issue with save updating “child keys” when reading included files.
  • Fixed comments with n in ini files
  • Added op5 installer
  • #250 #248 possible fix for crash in check_pdh on w32 computers.
  • Fixed #206 Added support for checking multiple times with check_pdh and rrd buffers
  • Fixed issue with hung detection
  • #229 Improved error handling for service errors
  • Fixed check_uptime parsing dates wrong
  • Fixed #199 yet memory leak this time in check_eventlog
  • Fixed drive letters with single character
  • Fixed certificate creation in webserver (and removed dependency on applink)
  • Fixed services showing twice in service list
  • Added showing location using nscp settings –show
  • Added noop as channel target to discard message
  • Fixed memory and resource leaks #199
  • Fixed crash reporting

Changes in 0.4.3

For a list of all changes in 0.4.3 see What’s new in NSClient++ 0.4.3

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